Bridal Guide


Both Kelly and Kari got married within a year of each other and they both realised how real the desire was to try and shed a few extra kilograms for their big days. As dieticians, they knew what the long term challenges would be, were they to attempt very restrictive ‘silly’ type diets – but they both admit that the temptation was there. Kari therefore decided to write a guide dedicated to the ‘Bride-To-Be’, to help brides get lean and happy the healthy way.

This guide is a 14 day detailed clean eating plan, with 2 shopping lists and recipes for both lunches and dinners. Breakfast range from balanced smoothies to stewed fruit and yoghurt. The lunch are portioned out to serve 1 person – to ensure you don’t waste food or money. The dinner recipes are all accompanied with pictures.  They are all light dinners, that are quick and easy to prepare. Light snack ideas have been recommended to keep your blood sugar and moods controlled:)

The guide is the perfect compliment to the busy lifestyle you lead, leading up to your big day. By making your health a priority your skin, your weight and your mind will all be nourished and ensure that when your big day arrives, you are the healthiest, most beautiful bride! May the build-up to your wedding day be the start of a happy and healthy life forever…


  • 14-day Clean, Lean Eating Plan (based on 1200kcal/day)
  • 14 Lunch Time Recipes
  • 2 Shopping Lists (Days 1-7 & Days 8-14)

    Format: e-Book PDF


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