Kelly Lynch - Dietician & Coach


Thank you for the Bridal Eating Guide I bought from you. And am so chuffed with myself and the eating guide. I weighed myself on Sunday and I was 62kg, i weighed myself again this morning and weigh 60.2kg. Thank you for putting me on the right track and teaching me on how to eat clean.


Jess - Jhb

Kelly Lynch = Best Dietician Ever. Fact.


Craig - Jhb

When I first walked down the corridor to Kelly’s office I was feeling very lost and like there was no way of me ever feeling better. I thought that I would see her and she would advise me of foods to eat, things I had been doing wrong in my diet and how to fix them. I thought it would be immediate. I never imagined that it would be a process where I sucked the venom and poison out of my wounds that I had been suffering with before I even got to the “eating” side of things.


Anonymous - DBN

You have helped me see the good in myself and to know that I am beautiful and loved, no food or amount of exercise will ever change this. Thank you for being a companion and sounding board, thank you for being a huge support and for all your gentle love and kindness. You have given me the wings to fly and I know that the best is yet to come.


Anonymous - DBN

I cannot begin to put into words how you have changed my daughters, mine and my husband's worlds. I am so positive about a happy future for my daughter, which not that long ago seemed very bleak. Thank you Kelly, for giving me back my daughter. I look forward to the journey continuing with you.


Mother - DBN

I was so super impressed by your eating plan!! I really try to be healthy as much as I can and generally eat a lot of the stuff that you had on there, but sometimes I don’t think I eat enough in the mornings and so then crave food later on. I was also training for the 94.7, so eating well helped! And although your guide took a bit of planning to buy everything at the beginning of the week etc, it was actually really easy and I thought quite affordable. And so great having the recipes to follow! Which were easy and simple enough. So thank you!


Physiotherapist - Jhb

I feel so much more in control of my life! I control what I eat now instead of it controlling me. Which sounds weird. But its so empowering. As you know I dont fluctuate much in weight so its tough to see physical changes but mentally I feel so much better!


Boutique Owner - Jhb

I have just finished the second week of the eating guide. I have enjoyed the journey – thank you. For me the biggest change is that my body no longer craves junk food. I often felt like eating a rusk or opening a small packet of crisps but my body no longer wants this. I now think about these things and then get a clear message from my body that it wants more wholesome food – a GREAT revelation. Thank you for an outstanding guide – it will serve me well. It is also wonderful to have so many delicious recipes which are healthy at the same time.


Proud Mother - PE

I really enjoyed the guide, especially the dinners! They were so totally divine! It showed me that cooking from scratch is not difficult at all and I have begun to enjoy preparing meals on my own rather than with the help of packet sauces and ready meals etc. I have definitely become more aware of what I'm eating and now look for recipes that only use unprocessed foods.


Corporate Executive - Sydney