Breakfast In A Glass: 20 Filling Smoothie Recipes


I literally have a smoothie most weekdays for breakfast.

It's functional for me, and I sneak things in that I can't taste but that I know will benefit my gut microbiome as well as my overall health.

Most people say to me that smoothies don’t keep them full – and I know why! Most smoothies are fruit-based and if a protein or a fat is not added to that smoothie, the GI will be wrong and the smoothie will NEVER keep you full – like your breakfast should! So I've developed 20 breakfast smoothie ideas which should do just that, keep you full!

All the pictures were taken in my kitchen and all the ingredients are easily available from most food shops. Perhaps a visit to a health shop should be on your to do list for things like chia seeds and organic whey powder.


  • 20 Smoothie Recipes
  • Portion sizes of all ingredients
  • Pictures of either the ingredients or the ready-made smoothie

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