Lean In: A 10 Day calorie controlled eating plan for women


No one can feel happy in their body unless they love who they are. And no one can feel happy in their body unless they feed their body good food. I struggled with this concept for a long time... And still do!

This guide was designed to help you along this self love path in helping you with what to feed your beautiful body, and what to buy before you even prepare a meal.

This guide was designed with a calorie restriction. The guide contains 10 days of mapped out meals and snacks to keep you nourished.

Breakfasts entail balanced clean smoothies along with detailed daily snacks, healthy lunch ideas and delicious, clean and balanced salad recipes for dinners. The guide also contains self-love reminders, daily affirmations and general body acceptance tips. Challenge yourself to 10 days of self-love and nourishment.

 Imagine what a gift that will be for yourself...


  • 10 Breakfast Smoothie Recipes
  • 10-day Lean Eating Plan
  • 10 Salad Recipes (including pictures)
  • 2 Shopping Lists
  • Light Lunch & Snack Idea
  • Self- Love Tools and Reminders

Format: e-Book PDF


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