'I Am' Eating Clean


I realised after 6 years of working with clients trying to improve their weight, their health or their disease profiles that there was more to the whole ‘getting healthier’ process than just the food that they were eating. I realised that 3 major areas of the client’s life needed to be addressed in order for us to see long-term, sustainable changes – their food choices, their mindsets or ‘thought worlds’, and the potential link between their eating habits and their emotional worlds.

So with this is mind I have set out to write a series of 3 online guides, which I hope will address these 3 areas in your life. I felt that the food was the easiest one to change and hence decided to start with that first! I believe in eating in a whole and natural way and I hope that this guide will allow you to see how incredible you can feel if you allow your body to eat all of the food groups, in their whole state.

I hope the ‘I AM Eating Clean’ – Online Guide is used as a tool to experiment in your kitchen, to feel healthier in your body, and to give you peace of mind, knowing that you are eating a processed and chemically free way, lowering the toxins in your body.

The guide is a 2-week detailed eating plan from breakfast, through to dinner, including snacks. I have drawn up 2 shopping lists for each week that you can take with you to the grocery store. I have cooked all 8-dinner recipes myself and taken amateur pictures of them, so that you can see what the ‘really’ look like. I have also added in many of my own tips, my food-mind-emotion philosophy, my love, as well as daily affirmations to help change your internal world while you change your external world through healthier eating!


  • 2 Week Eating Plan from breakfast, through to dinner, including snacks
  • 2 Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Dinner Recipes with Pictures
  • Quick Clean Lunch Ideas

Format: e-Book PDF


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