Eat Lean 7 Day Challenge


At the beginning of each year I realise that people want to kick the year off with a HEALTH BANG! So this year I have made it easy. The EAT LEAN 7-Day Challenge was created as a tool to get your BANG going!

The guide is designed to be a lower calorie, fresh food based, balanced 7-day eating plan. It contains all the food groups but is dominant in fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and light protein sources.  All breakfasts are smoothies, lunches are light and each dinner has a salad recipe, that can be accompanied by a lean protein source if you so choose. Snacks are very light and always fresh.  All smoothies and salads come with recipes and 2 shopping lists have been included to help you on your way. I recommend that you eliminate alcohol, caffeine and all processed foods for the duration of the challenge.

I also recommend doing this challenge before you start the ‘I AM Eating Clean’ Online Guide.  The EAT LEAN 7-Day Challenge is a real challenge and should not be done for longer than 7 Days. The ‘I AM Eating Clean’ Guide is much more detailed and is a lifestyle changer, a way of life;a philosophy to live by daily.  The EAT LEAN 7-Day Challenge is a booster, a chance to ‘turn over a new leaf’; a real challenge.

Let this guide support that ‘I need to get my health back on track’ thought. Once you complete this guide, you will feel cleaner on the inside, lighter on the outside and motivated.  Motivated to make your health a priority this year!


  • 7 Smoothie Recipes
  • 7-day Lean Eating Plan
  • 7 Salad Recipes plus Pictures
  • 2 Shopping Lists (Day 1-4 & Day 5-7)
  • Light Lunches & Snacks 

    Format: e-Book PDF


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