Types of clients I work with: I believe that most women's health issues or weight problems can be managed, if not resolved by working with all the facets that make up a woman. A big focus is put on her emotional and nutritional health, her childhood analysis and the delicate balance of her layers of being.


  • Fertility wellness
  • Hormone understanding and education
  • Emotional Eating management and empowerment
  • Weight Loss help for those who have 'done it all'
  • Emotional healing side of physical imbalances
  • The motherhood journey and navigating the challenge
I have packaged my tools into a 5 part offering that works as the framework for my consultations, however I truly see each woman as being on her own unique and solo journey. You can choose to commit to the 5 sessions or you ca do a once off session. All your own decision.

Coaching 5 session offering

Session 1: Journey work

Session 2 and 3: Addressing your layers of being

Addressing the 6 layers of being and assessing present day imbalances and compensation behaviours. We then see how these can be linked to the presenting symptom.    The 6 layers of being are:
  1. Emotional: we look at topics like emotional eating, dominant and default emotions, daily triggers
  2. Intellectual: we assess mental stimulation levels and job satisfaction, we look at stress/cortisol and how it’s showing up in your life
  3. Physical: we look at your physical body and currently imbalances- weight, menstrual cycle awareness, food intake and routines, exercise choices and commitment levels
  4. Creative/ Fun: we look at joy levels in your life, how happy your truly are and what you do in your day to grow joy.
  5. Spiritual: rituals, meditation or religious practice, where are you at and where do you want to be with this?
  6. Sleep: we analyse your sleep and then we hack it with tools known to help 

Session 4: How do you see yourself in the world?

Session 5: Consolidation

All consultations are done online.