The Inner Work Fertility Course

I am the creator of the Inner Work Fertility Course. A digital course designed to help women with all the areas of fertility that the industry DOESN'T talk about.

The course takes women on a self-study journey working through potential emotional blocks, negative subconscious programming or maternal line trauma that could be causing infertility. It also covers the spiritual or esoteric side of conception and connecting to your baby, before they have arrived.

Along with the theory the course contains 5 guided meditations to integrate the work you do in each module.

All of these women are then connected via a private facebook group as well as a live monthly zoom call with me. There is so much power in pain, and this community is POWERFUL!

Imagine finding a group of women all at the same point in their fertility journeys - the point where they feel they should look at their inner worlds to unblock anything that might be linked to getting to their babies! It is sacred x

If you would like to work with me privately, I do offer private fertility coaching, for those who feel they need it.


Other types of clients I work with:

I believe that most women's health issues or weight problems can be managed, if not resolved by working with all the facets that make up a woman. A big focus is put on her emotional and nutritional health, her childhood analysis and the delicate balance of her layers of being.


I have packaged my general coaching tools into a 5 part offering that works as the framework for my consultations, however I truly see each woman as being on her own unique and solo journey. You can choose to commit to the 5 sessions or you ca do a once off session. All your own decision.

Journey work

Addressing your layers of being

Addressing the 6 layers of being and assessing present day imbalances and compensation behaviours. We then see how these can be linked to the presenting symptom.    The 6 layers of being are:

  1. Emotional: we look at topics like emotional eating, dominant and default emotions, daily triggers

  2. Intellectual: we assess mental stimulation levels and job satisfaction, we look at stress/cortisol and how it’s showing up in your life

  3. Physical: we look at your physical body and currently imbalances- weight, menstrual cycle awareness, food intake and routines, exercise choices and commitment levels

  4. Creative/ Fun: we look at joy levels in your life, how happy your truly are and what you do in your day to grow joy.

  5. Spiritual: rituals, meditation or religious practice, where are you at and where do you want to be with this?

  6. Sleep: we analyse your sleep and then we hack it with tools known to help 

 How do you see yourself in the world?

All consultations are done online.