I AM Kelly.

I am a mom to 2 little girls Selah and Izzy. 

I am a wife to my best friend Alan who is a Sports Physician, an avid sportsman, sport-watcher, sport-supporter and probably the kindest human I know. 

I am a qualified Dietician (South Africa) and I am a Life Coach, a motherhood blogger and a human trying to make sense of this journey called life.


My life work is helping women, mothers and mothers-to-be navigate their current realities. Alan and I walked a seriously long fertility journey to conceive our first born child. We then suffered a miscarriage and birthed Izzy in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. I also lost my dad tragically in 2014 and have been on a massive self-explorative journey into the emotional world and how it manifests in our bodies. I also spent many years working with my hormones, my cycle and all that it tells me - I realized how uneducated I was with respects to my body.


I truly believe that we need to care about mothers more (not just babies), and this is what my work entails. Have a look at 'My Framework’ page to see how I delve into this world and how we start working on our lives, alongside motherhood, fertility treatment or just generally being a woman in 2022.


Some history on where the world has taken me:


  • Alan and I met whilst saving babies lives in rural South Africa, in a very special place called Manguzi in 2007 (community service). He was the doc and I was the dietician and together we worked with a community of humans who taught me just how valuable knowledge is. They had so little, so every sentence that came out of my mouth helped them in some way. It truly was the most rewarding time. 

  • We then move to Ireland for a bit and then we settled in Dubai for our first stint. I opened the Dietetics department at Mediclinic City Hospital and worked there for 2 years, exploding with learnings daily. We were young and free and traveled the world whilst we lived in Dubai - in between Alan working night shifts in the ER and me working a normal 9-5 job at the hospital.

  • We then decide to move back to South Africa for Alan to start his Sports Medicine journey.and I started Kelly Lynch Dietician (KLD). What a good move! We lived in Cape Town and got to experience the 2010 FIFA World Cup. A happy time for us, we met some of our closest friends and we soaked up life right under Table Mountain.

  • In 2013 Alan was made the Sharks Rugby team doctor and this meant we needed to move to Durban. Durban was to become our home. We got engaged and married, we had little Selah and we bought our dream cottage on the beach. I also opened the Durban branch of KLD and the brand went digital, the ebooks began and we started shifting the narrative to more female-directed conversations and healing.

  • In 2018 Alan was offered a job he could not refuse in Dubai with our old company Mediclinic, and so we said goodbye to our South African life and moved back to the desert. Selah was 1 and we moved into a community called Sustainable City - where we still live today! I took KLD fully online and the first online consultations, more ebooks and live IGTV educational videos were born.

  • I then fell pregnant in 2019 after suffering a sad and traumatic miscarriage that put me into ICU for 3 days. Our little Izzy was born in 2020 in the height of the covid-19 pandemic. Alan had been shifted out of his Sports Medicine clinic into the ER and was working on the front lines. It was a super scary time for us as a family, but Izzy - who I call our Light Child, arrived as a healthy, happy and calm little being, while the outside world was on fire.

We are now a family of 4, and are complete, grateful and excited to see where this adventure will take us next!

My 'achievements' outside of life experience:)


  • BSc Physiology and Psychology (UCT) 2002-2004
  • BSc (Med) Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics (UCT) 2005-2006
  • Results Neuroleadership Coaching Certificate 2016

Other Studies Completed:

  • Treating the Emotional Eater (Foundation Course – Julie McIntosh 2013)
  • Treating the Emotional Eater (Module 3 & 4 – Advanced Course 2014)
  • Diploma in Nutritional Supplementation (Sally-Ann Creed)
  • Sports Nutrition Course (SA Sports Science Institute)
  • Lactation Management course (18 hour, Mowbray Maternity Hospital)
  • Iridology Certification (SA Institute of Iridology, Dr Suzanne Haylett)