Winter Musings: 10 day eating plan for the cold winter months


Cold weather = bad eating behaviours often? Right!?

Winter tends to be a time when our health drops down our priority list. Although we know that we should focus on eating well, the dark mornings and the chilly evenings make time in the kitchen quite unappealing.

Winter Musings is guide that contains both an eating plan, and a few personal thoughts from my journal. In my life, if food is tasty and quite quick to prepare, I tend to make the walk to the kitchen to get my cooking gloves on. If however, the recipes are long and drawn out, my couch tends to be right where I stay!

Winter Musings will provide just that. A 10 day calorie controlled eating plan, with two shopping lists and 10 delicious clean dinner recipes that will make you excited to get into your kitchen. The breakfasts are generally hot breakfast, with 2 smoothies making an appearance. Lunches and snacks are quick and balanced, allowing your blood sugar to remain balanced and prevent those winter cravings.

I think this is one of my best online guides. I tried to give it my personal touch, and make you feel like I am right with you throughout the 10 days. Most of the recipes have become firm favourites in my kitchen already – especially the Zucchini Noodle Bowl and the 5-minute Omelette.

Make this winter a time of self-nourishment and self-reflection. It really is a time to slow down and reconnect. 


  • 10-day clean (and lean) eating plan – with a focus on warmer foods.
  • 2 detailed shopping lists
  • 10 clean breakfast recipes – 8 new breakfast idea and 2 winter smoothies
  • Light lunch and snack ideas
  • 10 clean & warm dinner recipes with pictures 
  • Some personal points of reflection from the me

Format: e-Book PDF


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