5 Days New: 5 day eating plan for crazy, busy moms!


When I became a mother, my eating deteriorated rapidly and I felt flat and unhealthy. The demands of motherhood had meant that nourishing my body had become less of a priority (motherhood fact!). Now that my little girls Selah and Izzy are a little older, I feel like my head is a little more above water and so, this new guide for crazy busy moms was born.

This guide has been designed with a calorie restriction so it will help you to feel better and healthier in your skin. It is a 5-day plan with meals and snacks mapped out.

The guide contains a smoothie shot as well as eggs for breakfast, left over salad from dinner for lunch and then delicious, clean dinner salad recipes for dinner that need to be paired with a protein of your choice.

I made it 5 days because that was all that I could commit to as a new, overwhelmed mom. You will see though, in 5 days one can truly feel better in your skin!


  • A green or a red smoothie shot for breakfast
  • 5 days clean eating plan
  • 5 salad recipes (including pictures)
  • 1 shopping list for the 5 days
  • Snack ideas


Format: e-Book PDF 


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