Processed Pieces Of Poison

In the light of an article that I have just read about processed meat and their potential link to colon cancer, I thought I would jot down some essential information that everyone should know and perhaps doesn't. All of you know that my eating philosophy is based on the concept of ‘Clean Eating’. For those of you who are unsure about this clean eating concept – it is a way of eating that tries to eliminate all processed foods and make whole foods the basis of your diet. I always say to my patients that processed foods are foods that man has changed, enhanced or created. So if a certain food does not exist in nature ie. grow on the earth or on an animal (giggle), then it is probably processed.  

My clients always laugh in consultations when I say that bread doesn’t grow on trees, but oats, rice and  potatoes do - therefore bread is processed and the others are ‘clean’. The same applies to animal proteins. Sausages do not walk around in fields, but we can point out the rib eye, fillet, or rump cut on the cow's body. Same applies to chicken nuggets or burger patties, compared to chicken breast or chicken thighs. Nuggets and burger patties are not pieces of the actual chicken – therefore they are not clean and ultimately are processed.   

There are a few foods that fall into a grey area. Mince is processed but good quality mince is actually just beef minced up – so it could be seen as clean (by clean eaters like me). Soya sauce is also processed in theory, but the good quality soya sauce like Kikkoman are not laced with fillers, stabilisers and flavor enhancers – so I therefore ‘allow’ them as part of my clean diet.  

Whether you want to be 100% clean or just aim at cleaning-up your diet, begin with the easy foods to change. Start with eating less processed meat, less flavoured dairy products, less refined sugars (juices, bread, pasta and cereals) . This small change will make a huge difference to the ‘rubbish’ that ends up in your colon. And as that article said, the ‘rubbish’ in your colon is what has been linked to the increase in colon cancers.  

Here is the list of clean and processed foods that I give my clients. I always say that this is a good place to start… If you need more help, head over to my online guide section and perhaps buy one of our Clean Eating eBooks which will give you actual eating plans and more ideas to make clean eating a way of life.  

Above all aim at eating with a purpose; a purpose to nourish your body with nutrient rich food that actually gives your body something – be it fibre, enzymes, vitamins or antioxidants…  

Why would we want to put anything else into our bodies?  



Bread, Pasta, Fruit Juice, Breakfast Cereals (excl. Oats), Crackers, Wraps, White Rice, Fast Food, Chocolates, Alcohol


Oats, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Fruit, Lentils, Chickpeas, Butternut, Sweet potatoes, Buckwheat, Baby Jacket Potatoes, Mielies, Beetroot  



Sausages, Patties, Schnitzels, Nuggets, Fish Fingers, Turkey Ham, Sliced Ham, Salami, Chorizo, Yellow Cheeses


Fresh Meat cuts, Chicken On Bone – no skin, Chicken Breast & Thighs – no skin, Fish Fillets – no batter, Legumes, White Cheeses  



Mayonnaise, Margarine, Vegetable Blend Oils


Avocado, Nuts, Seeds, Olives, Cold-pressed Olive & Coconut Oils, Butter

3 THOUGHTS ON “Processed Pieces Of Poison”

by Lize

Hi Kelly,

I am so happy I found your blog. I was actually researching Banting and was looking for reviews when I found your article on Banting. I agree with you. Banting just cuts out too many good natural food like lentils and beans and quinua. And I am so scared of that animal fat! In any case, what I would like to know is what do I replace bread with? I have three school going kids, 10, 14 and 17. They have long school days from 7:15 to 4:00 and coming home at about 4:30 only. I give them one carb – try to keep it low gi wholewheat – with some protein filling ( wrongly uses a lot of ham and gouda cheese), some fruit, energy snack which would be dried fruit, biltong without fat, nuts and sometimes a cereal bar or popcorn, and water. I used to add a fruit juice or ice tea which I realize is too much sugar so I stopped that, and I used to add a dairy in the form of yogisip or full cream milk. I stopped the yogisip now. Could you give some advice? Thank you so much.


by Kelly Lynch

Hi Carreen

Thanks for your question. I use a mix of whole grain mustard and plain full cream yoghurt as a mayonnaise alternative – with tuna for example. You can also find ‘clean mayonnaise’ recipes on the web – just google the phrase.

I hope that helps xxx Kelly

by Carreen

Hi Kelly, my daughter loves mayonnaise! what would you suggest as a substitute? or is there a “healthier” mayonnaise?

Thanks, Carreen