Today was such a special day.


I bought a ring as an heirloom in memory of my grandmother who passed away last year, and who coincidentally, I was named after. She was a spectacular woman, but didn’t have the easiest life. There is so much to admire about her. One of many would be the fact that she was a doctor and super intendant of Joburg Gen Hospital, which back then was a rare thing for a woman and a mother to be.


I was torn, what do you get to remember such a beautiful soul? I went to my favorite jewellery store, the same place my engagement ring was made, and looked at a few stones that were sourced for me, but I couldn’t commit.


I then passed a display window and saw something rather special. A greenish grey diamond ring on a simple band. The diamond is that color due to many inclusions or so called “imperfections”. In this particular ring though, these imperfections are celebrated and makes the ring what it is. It adds intrigue, changing slightly when looked at from different angles. The little colorful spots somehow resembles the night sky to me. Symbolic of where I like to imagine my grandmother, close to her Maker whom she loved so much.


To top it all off, the name of the ring is: The Intent. This ring’s intent is not to be like other more perfect stones. It is so comfortable with it’s imperfect beauty. Making it all the more beautiful.


This is a lesson to me. There is something so innately imperfect about perfection and the pursuit thereof.


Why don’t we pursue being intentionally imperfect and celebrate that because this is what makes us beautiful. This imperfect humanity is what gives us infinite worth and makes us rare, one of a kind gems.


We are gold baby, solid gold!