My thoughts on TIM NOAKES

I am sure most of you watched the Tim Noakes snippet on Carte Blanche last night. My ‘sports physician’ hubby and I then had a good discussion on the points raised – so I thought I would share them with my tribe.

Firstly, no dietician disagrees that processed carbohydrates are poison and NONE of us should be eating them. We also agree that lowering carb intakes in diabetics (like TN) and insulin resistant people (often morbidly obese) helps the load on the pancreas and ultimately aids in weight-loss.

BUT the below reasons are why I do not promote a high fat, high protein way of eating for my normal, non-diabetic, perhaps slightly overweight, not optimally healthy patients:

  1. Evidence: There is not enough scientific evidence for us to promote this diet with a clear conscience – we do not know how this way of eating may affect the body long term… Scary thought?
  2. Gut Symptoms: Most people I know suffer from some gut symptom – be it bloating or constipation. We therefore need fibre for gut health– so whole grains like whole oats, quinoa, brown rice and root vegetables are all important sources of fibre – cleaning our colons. Also meat ferments in a sluggish gut – making bloating worse!
  3. Cravings: For normal non-diabetics (like most of you reading this post), we need to control our blood sugar levels – otherwise we experience craving (eg: You ate a salad for lunch and then felt starving at 4pm? Or you find yourself reaching for your second cup of coffee before lunchtime, because you are having an energy dip? Or needing that block of chocolate after dinner? All are signs of poor blood sugar control. Whole carbs will prevent these cravings – if eaten in the right portion sizes!
  4. The Environment: What about your carbon footprint? 80% of all green house gases are released from cows – imagine we all ate meat/cheese/butter/cream at most meals of the day?? Our poor planet...
  5. Richness (taste-wise & financially): The thought of eating chorizo and cheese for breakfast – makes me feel ill. The diet is very rich for most palates – and quite expensive for most wallets
Let’s be honest though – shouldn't we be changing our behaviour and relationship with food rather than binging on fatty foods? Shouldn't we all be looking for a long-term solution to weight management and health, not a quick fix? Shouldn't we be thinking about hormones in meat and their potential links to illnesses like cancer and autoimmune diseases? Our planet? Our organs? Our mindsets? Just something to think about… You make your own decision!

2 THOUGHTS ON “My thoughts on TIM NOAKES”

by Kelly Lynch

Dear Ciska

Thank you for your comments and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I have been away on honeymoon:)

I have most definitely read Tim Noakes’ book. I have actually done a few talks around the country on the topic. You can view this talk through this link
I believe in dietary balance. I do not believe that one food group is more important that the other. TN has categorically said that we do not need carbohydrates and that all carbohydrates are the same. I do not agree. However, parts of what TN says though are 100% true and I fully agree – processed foods are the problem, sugar is poisonous in the body, excessive insulin does cause fat storage etc. I however believe that fruit is essential in the diet as it is packed with nutrition, I also believe that dairy contains super high levels of calcium and therefore has a place in our diets – especially those of women, I believe that legumes and whole grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice are excellent foods for the gut and for appetite control – so there are parts that I agree with and then there are parts that I very much disagree with.

There is no one size that fits all – that’s the art of nutritional healing!

Hope that clarifies why I wrote my blog post.

Thanks for your interest

by Ciska van wyk

Hi Kelly

Have you read TN ’ book?

(Is your response based on sound knoledge of the banting diet?)
I have not come across anything in the book or related groups which promotes binging on fatty foods.

I agree that we should be more mindful to what we eat- in my opinion we should all be eating less processed food / whole/ raw food and focus on how sugar poisons our bodies.

Looking forward to hearing from you.