My Close Call With BOTOX

Last week I went to the dermatologist for a check up (purely a mole mapping exercise) and I walked out of his rooms questioning my beliefs. This is an excellent doctor and certainly the best in the town I live in, but he said the words, “You need botox” and suddenly I questioned my beliefs – WTF!  

Now I am “Miss Self Love” Promoter and to be brutally honest he made me question this mantra and I felt a little uncomfortable with that. I started to feel myself get sucked into that world. The world of trying to look younger than I am – because what if I am the only one who doesn’t do botox, will I look 90 when everyone else looks 60? Will I get left behind?  

So I went home, after denying the R1500 shot of bacteria in my forehead and thought about what was actually going on here. We have chosen to be brainwashed and believe that we are NOT ENOUGH. That is a fact. You are not thin enough, rich enough, popular enough, successful enough or strong enough (like defined enough).   We all want to be something that we are not because we think it will make us happier than we are now.  

I want to have a baby and the next girl wishes she had waited to have her 4 kids (we are the same age) as she wishes she had a career. The next girl has her own business and dreams of a set salary per month, but her bestie wishes she could be her own boss – even for less money. So, there we go, comparing and criticizing ourselves thinking that we would be happier if things we different.  

So after leaving doctor derms offices I stopped and said WOOOAAA!!! What am I thinking? Why would I want to look 23 when I am 33 – I have been 23 and I loved it, but if I miss 33 then when I am 43 I am going to wonder what 33 was like, right? Being happy with who you are today – this body, this face, this stage in life – is the only way to prevent getting caught up in this world of trying to be something that you are not. Let’s be honest, we all know that people who have cosmetic surgery done, keep going back for more. It’s never just the botox. The botox becomes the boob job, the facelift, the tummy tuck and and and...  

What if we as women just celebrated who we truly were? Who we were under the wrinkles, the fat, the cellulite, the expensive clothes, the fake eyelashes?  


Our connections would be more real, deeper, honest and colourful. Our wrinkles would be stories, our menopause would be the start of the ‘best years’ – no more kids to worry about, time to yourself again. Our cellulite would be normal – because we all have it, no more hiding it because everyone had there’s out. Hahaha, bliss!  

So today I set out to be this person. And I invite you to join me. Let’s be real women. Let’s love our bodies and see them as the most incredible machines – that carry babies, run companies, cook meals, glue families together and grow older. As we grow older in body we grow wiser and more truthful in mind and this is where the power lies.  

Self love truly is a powerful act.  

P.S I chose this picture for the blog so that you can see my wrinkles that the doc wanted to get rid of:)

6 THOUGHTS ON “My Close Call With BOTOX”

by Caitlin

This is so on point, it is something that I continually grapple with. Not the wanting to alter myself but more why altering has become the norm and why being who we really are is ‘not enough’.

Thank you for this honest post and thank you for your continued encouragement of woman and being who we truly are !

by Dee

Love you Kells.

by Tiff

Totally feeling you! The Botox Question is starting to come up in my group of friends… it is hard to resist, but I think I am up for the challenge. I am who I am… lines and all. These wrinkles are my medals… proof that I have fought my battles and won! (Let’s hope this positivity lasts into my forties!)

by Kelly Lynch

Your wrinkles sure are your medals!!

Thanks for your beautiful post Tiff xxx

by Nicole

You are so right. It is sad that we are never happy with the way we look.

by Wendy-Leigh Cousins