Inspiration from a client who made my day!

There are often moments in my day as a dietician and as a human where I get so excited at the possibilities that we as humans have on offer.

Today I had a breakthrough conversation with one of my clients who told me that for the first time, she looked in the mirror and could actually say – I think I look beautiful. She spoke about how her internal dialogue had changed over the 6 months that she has been seeing me. She said she has been more gentle on herself and how she ‘talks’ and ‘thinks’ about her physical body and her food choices etc. It is days like today when I realize that by giving people small – often very simple tools, we really can change BIG THINGS! Knowledge creates possibilities. She has lost close on 12kg, fits into all her old clothes, needs to buy new pants, and most importantly is happier in the vessel in which she exists everyday of her life!

It is my mission to help everyone I meet improve both their knowledge and their relationship with food, their bodies and ultimately their lives as a whole. We therefore need to fix our bodies, minds and our spirits in order to get the most out of out time on this earth.

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