15 Lessons I Learnt In 2014
  1. Happiness and attitude are both a choice.
  2. Fad diets will come and they will go, they will work for some and they will annoy others. Find ‘a way of eating’ that works for you – something that you can sustain and enjoy.
  3. Life is not easy, but tough times show you who ‘your people’ are. Cherish those people – they will be in your life forever.
  4. Looking after your health takes a LOT of effort. If you make the effort, you will reap the rewards. Start now, this minute – not tomorrow or on Monday.
  5. Read blogs, books and articles on health and well being. Reading healthy information daily helps you stay motivated and keeps your ideas fresh – preventing boredom.
  6. Your wedding day really is one of the BEST days of your life – do not believe people who say it’s a waste of time or money. The love you feel on that day will change you forever.
  7. Getting out into nature makes your feel better. Walking has allowed me to clear my mind, breathe and order my thoughts when times got challenging.
  8. Anxiety is a real life problem for most of us. Mediation helps – even if it is just 20 minutes of sitting quietly with my eyes closed. Make the time. We all only have 24 hours in a day.
  9. A good breakfast makes the whole day healthier. Breakfast sets a precedent for what your body desires… makes it desire healthier, whole foods.
  10. Stretching your body definitely releases toxins and stress. My choice of stretching is through yoga, but pilates, gym, home stretches – they all do the trick.
  11. Make sure you have ‘alone time’ everyday. Be with your thoughts. It helps you get closer to who you really are and what you really want in this life.
  12. Try and eat as many green things as you can – green foods are healing foods.
  13. List what you want out of life. So many of us go through the motions of life without having any goals. Achieving small goals boosts your self-esteem and happiness levels.
  14. Pets and children make our problems seem a lot more bearable.
  15. Self-love is the answer to living a healthier and more fulfilled life. Practice small acts of self-love daily.

4 THOUGHTS ON “15 Lessons I Learnt In 2014”

by Carol Payne

Wise words indeed Kelly especially from someone so young. I’m not surprised though. I only met you once I think, but I liked you immediately and you and Alan make a perfect pair.

by Kelly Lynch

Thank you Cand xxx I am so glad you are enjoying them xxx

by Candice brand

Hi Kelly, I love reading ur blog posts! You are inspiring! Great to see you are doing so well xxx

by Kelly Lynch

Thank you Carol – I am so glad you enjoyed the post:)

Hope to meet you again SOON! XXX