Why Eating Plans Fail

Every single day I sit with people who feel like they are failures. “If you want to be thin eat less, gym more, cut carbs, drink green juices, have deep tissue massages for cellulite, take pills for your metabolism” and so the list goes on… However people are getting bigger, unhealthier, unhappier and yes – over it. Has anyone stopped to think that there could be a piece of the puzzle missing? Is there perhaps something that we are not addressing? Perhaps the key doesn't lie in the eating plan?  

The industry is out of control. Almost weekly there are new diet pills, protein shakes and diet books released that promise the world. All these products are doing, is making people grasp at more ‘stuff’ to try and fix a fundamental lack of self-nourishment. NONE of these products ever mention the other aspects of the person’s life – they just focus on the food, the calories, and the carb-protein-fat distribution. What about their relationships, their work environment, the state of their emotions, their upbringing, what mom told them all those years ago?  

Everyone agrees with me when I talk about emotional eating – yes I am an emotional eater says my client, I put on a lot of weight when I got divorced. So then why would I just push another eating plan at her – her lack of emotional coping over a hard time in her life caused her to abuse food and THAT IS WHY SHE IS IN MY OFFICE, not because she doesn’t know how to eat. She has been made to think that she does not know how to eat because she finds herself eating junk, or not eating, or overeating because she is actually emotionally 'nowhere' and she finds solace in food.  

We need to relook at our lives. Try and see why you don’t eat well (too little or too much). It is not because you don’t know what healthy food is, right? It is because there is an imbalance in some area of your life. Maybe you are lonely, angry, bored, feeling unloved, financially unstable or needing more support? Maybe your parents told you that you were part of ‘the fat family’ when you were younger and that it was impossible for you to be thin? Maybe your husband is absent and food fills that gap? Maybe your mom made certain foods completely forbidden when you were growing up, so now that you earn your own money – those foods are ‘allowed’ and therefore indulged upon? Maybe you hate your body so you starve it, to almost get rid of it?  

The reasons for people not nourishing their bodies are normally due to some deep unresolved emotional reason – not because of a lack of education on healthy food.  

Sit down for a few minutes and write your own eating plan. You have probably done so many over the years that you know EXACTLY what to eat at each meal of the day. Prove to yourself that you know how to eat healthily – in theory. And then start to think a little deeper, as to why you don’t feed your body what that eating plan says. Then realize that the power is not with the eating plan, it's with you and how well you manage your emotional wellbeing.  

Self love it often the puzzle piece that’s missing…

2 THOUGHTS ON “Why Eating Plans Fail”

by christie

So true yet so hard to ‘fix’ even once you have the awareness

by Bernice

So True!!