Tips for a healthy holiday

I am sure that you are bombarded with articles of similar titles to this one via social media feeds, magazines and radio, just as I am. We are doggy paddling in a sea of “Slim down/ shape up for summer, get your summer/ bikini body- here’s hows”. These posts are preying on our vulnerability and desire to please and be admired, linking our worth directly to our denim short size.


So we give these tips who promise the world, such as feeling confident in a bikini, the holy grail of goals, a bash. For a brief period you follow them. Sooner or later we “slip up”, one of the inevitabilities of being human, and thereafter overcompensate for the sense of deprivation and failure. Please hold my umbrella drink while I plant my palm firmly on my forehead at these fear mongering, antifeminist, body shamers.


What if we cut the BS this year and simply keep the balance? Let’s not adopt a pseudo diet of tips and tricks, have impossible expectations for ourselves and make ourselves crazy around food. Let’s reject this culture's idea that our body size equals our worth. Let’s keep things simple.

Nourishing our bodies is a priority year round. This will not miraculously change in December. Sometimes we will have indulgent meals. This does not undo your health “status”. There is no need to go for a long beach run to make up for perceived food failures.


Get out and about if your body feels like moving or you feel like exploring your surrounds. Have a bikini body by putting on a bikini and going to the beach. Body + Bikini = Bikini Body.

Take care of yourself and nourish your body with food that feels good to you. Invite your body to the table and let her tell you when she is hungry and when she is full. Have no shame or guilt for indulging. Wear sunscreen.


There you have it, my top tips for a healthy holiday. Cheers everyone!