The Power Of A Study

I saw someone a few weeks ago that came for a (obligatory) consultation.

This person proceeded to tell me the full extent of their diet, which consisted of chips, chocolates, sweets, pancakes, hamburgers and pizzas, with the occasional glass of water somewhere in the middle. Immediately the dietician in me kicked in and started on about blood sugar control, the health effects, what this means in the long run… When the person stopped me and simply said: “I don’t care. I know everything you are going to tell me. I don’t want to change.”

I changed gears and started trying to assess WHY the person didn’t care. After a few minutes the answer I got: “Because you people can’t agree… One week white bread is good, the next week it’s bad. One week sugar in moderation, the next week no sugar. I choose to listen to the studies that say white bread is good and sugar is fine.” Oh how I love a challenge.

So today this blog post is about the information and misinformation out there and an encouragement to all of you to choose your sources and whom you listen to. Would you go and see a medical doctor that had done an online course? Or trust a financial advisor that had done a two months “bridging course in finance”? This applies to all industries. At the end of the day you pay for the information you are given – whether financially or physically.

On the other hand, I definitely believe in the importance of using common sense, together with science, and to not blindly follow the crowd. However, at all times, we need to be asking ourselves: with the information we have today, what is the best possible recommendation we can give and choice we can make? As nutrition evolves, the boundary lines move further and further apart as we gain insight. Therefore, always choose to look at the information from all angles, who wrote it, the quality of the studies conducted and whether they have just chosen to highlight one sentence out of an entire study (as MOST magazines and newspapers do!)

There are many puzzle pieces to health and wellness and diet is one of them. Look for answers to questions, but look in the right places.

And just for old time’s sake: Diet pills, injections, metabolic boosters and the grapefruit diet don’t work, no matter how many “studies have been conducted” or Dr. Oz shows have sensationalized it.

Be wise. Your body deserves it.