Spring - A Time For Change! 6 Tips to Help You Improve Your Health.

Spring is here! And this year it has fallen on a Monday! It’s like a DOUBLE dose of NEW THINGS. Over here in Cape Town, the weather could not be more perfect – all of nature is whispering that summer is coming!

Today I saw a woman, who was on the upper side of a healthy weight, struggling to walk up the stairs…By the time she got to the top, drenched in sweat, she walked to the coffee stand where I was standing and asked the waiter for the coldest thing they have. He recommended a chocolate ice-cream drink, which she willingly accepted… (The dietician in me had some serious internal dialogue going)…

So, without sounding TOO cheesy, I thought I would challenge you all: why not get yourself into gear for summer? Not making weight the goal necessarily, but really getting your body moving and healthy! Here are some starting pointers:

  1. The hours of sunshine are on the increase! Challenge yourself to exercising outdoors for at least 2 days of the week! Your body LOVES fresh air and the sunshine is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D – especially for those of you who are office bound! Google a few great walking/running/cycling trails near your house, and get moving! Sunshine is also a fantastic mood-enhancer, and studies have shown that exposing your body to sunlight actually makes you feel more alert and refreshed!
  1. Don’t you find winter the worst for fluid intake? I find it’s easiest when I have a water bottle next to my bed, in my car, on my desk and in my handbag (all different shapes and sizes!) Just beware of plastic bottles – studies are showing how toxic they can be to our systems. Rather opt for a glass bottle, and filtered water if possible! Drink up! If water isn’t your thing, swop a few of your daily coffees for some herbal teas – mint, lemon, liquorice…
  1. While you’re packing out your summer clothes and spring cleaning your home, why not spring clean your kitchen cupboards and freezer? Get rid of highly processed foods, or any ingredients you know you aren’t good for you. You don’t have to throw them away, why not donate them to someone on the street? My motto remains: if you can ask the food where it came from, and it can tell you, it can stay!
  1. Sugar-free September: why not make THIS the month where you cut the sugary foods and drinks? Going sugar-free has never sounded better #SugarFreeSeptember
  1. Stock up on seasonal fruits and vegetables! Some great in-season fruits are grapefruit, guavas, oranges and nectarines, pawpaws, pineapples and strawberries. Amazing to jack up your breakfast with a fruit smoothie or a fruit salad. Try swopping your usual lunch for a summer chicken salad – visit our website for fresh ideas!
  1. Just like you would see your reflection in a pool of water, so you see a reflection of yourself in what you think… If there was someone writing down your every thought, would the story be one of someone who loves and appreciates their body? Or one of negative self-talk and a lack of confidence? You are what you eat, but you are also what you think. Why not decide to be kinder, gentler and more patient with yourself?
Go on, you’ll thank us later! ENJOY!

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by Danyell Soltys

It’s always so sweet and also full of a lot of fun for me personally and my office colleagues to search your blog a minimum of thrice in a week to see the new guidance you have got.