My Small-But-Serious New Year Resolutions

The New Year is a time to set some new resolutions. Time to get firm with yourself and set some targets. A time to plan, write lists and make decisions that you feel will make your life happier, your relationships stronger or your body thinner… Sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves with setting huge goals that we often don’t get around to achieving. This year I decided to go SMALL – Small-But-Serious!

Here are the Small-But-Serious Commitments I made to myself to improve my daily life…

  1. Nurture My Need For Nature. I will spend more time outside and simplify my life. I live in Africa – lucky me – so I will take advantage of the weather and the beauty around me. I will watch more sunsets, walk on more beach sand and literally smell more roses!
  2. Be Aware Of My Breathing. I will breathe consciously a few times a day. I know this will bring me back into the present moment, into my body, into NOW. And now is all that I know.
  3. Eat Seasonally And From the Earth. I will eat more foods from the earth during their season. I will make a point to focus on having clean and fresh food at all of my meals – even if it is a few cherry tomatoes next to my dinner plate. I will get more colour into my diet, more goodness from the ground.
  4. Create More Kindness. I will practice more kindness each day. I feel like we live in a world where we ‘survive’ – whether it’s in the traffic or in the boardroom. And in brief moments when someone is genuinely kind, you feel human – warm and alive. I want to be that person for someone else more often.
  5. Be More Positive. I have a terrible habit of expecting ‘worse case scenario’ a lot of the time. No more of that this year. Most of the time I get all worked up about stuff that never happens. I will try and expect the best rather than the worst.

All of these can be done daily, even hourly. They aren't HUGE achievements but if done together they could make my life better and have a positive effect on the lives around me.

Remember this one point. Everything is made up of energy – food, love, sound, matter etc. If you feed your body with ‘good’ foods they will have a positive effect on your body – energetically. If you spend time in nature or around positive friends or small children, they will have a positive effect on your body – energetically. Remember that EVERYTHING you do, think, feel, say, all has an effect on you -energetically!

Decide to CHOOSE how you live each day...