Before I Go...

Those of you who have seen me lately all know that I am about to head north on a trip that I have planned for months. I thought I would write a few of my thoughts down before I left and share them with you all. Maybe my trip will inspire you or help nudge you towards something you have feared, but wanted for a long time.  

I am off to India (my 3rd visit). I am off to do a 10-day silent course in Buddhist philosophy. But I am going alone. And I would be lying if I said that that didn't terrify me! Now fear is an emotion that everyone has felt at some stage. As I counsel my clients daily, I have realized that fear is often the reason a lot of us don't set goals in the first place. Fear has become a default emotion in most of our lives. Now, in the psychology textbooks, fear is known as the ‘root negative emotion’. They say that all negative emotions actually stem from fear – and I 100% agree! Anger is actually fear. Jealousy is fear. Anxiety is also a form of fear. So this India trip has been a dream of mine for a while – but partly due to circumstances in my life and then FEAR, I have not followed through with it. And now it is time to face my fear and do something that scares me, something that tests me, and something that will make me grow.  

OK but, why India? And to be quite honest I don't know why. I felt drawn to India and so that was always the plan. My fear did get the better of me a few times and I thought maybe I would go to Bali (more western, safer, more tourists), or to a retreat in Thailand (again ‘safer’ on paper) – but this safe option was not the point. The point was to face a fear and jump in. It is now 2 sleeps until I fly off and yes, the anxiety, nerves, thoughts are all there – but I am going and I am facing one of my biggest personal challenges yet.  

Now you are probably reading this thinking how is this relevant to a Dietician Blog. Well, taking control of your weight or your health is often feared and seen as too big a challenge - and that is why many people I see daily have not addressed it sooner. Is your health or excess weight something you fear? Is it an issue you try and forget, something you tell yourself you will start fixing on Monday? If it is then fear is actually the problem. Are you going to let fear be the reason you get sick, or feel miserable in your skin for the rest of your life? Fear is a deep-seated emotion, it is an uncomfortable one to admit and it’s an even more uncomfortable one to fix. But as I always say to all my clients – awareness is the first step to change. If you know fear is the block in the road, you can start to consciously let that fear go – it is only a figment of your imagination. Fear of loving your body, fear of having to eat more healthy food, fear of exercise or fear of admitting you have a problem – they are often not as hard to fix once you start, but fear makes them seem impossible.  

So as I head off to hopefully learn more about life and fear, I challenge you to consciously decided to not let fear be the reason you don't set the goal you have wanted to achieve for so long. You deserve to be healthy, happy and free, and fear is really the only thing standing in your way….

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by Dee Holme-Werner

Hi Kells, lovely reading this, almost as good as the chats we used to have. I understand how it all comes together and you are right about awareness. About fear … F(alse) E(vidence) A(ppearing) R(eal). And thanks for the blog, it helps.