7 Silly Season Suggestions

Although it has been raining in Cape Town this week, we are quickly heading into summer and as distressing as winter is for a lot of people in terms of health and wellbeing, December often disguises itself in cupcakes, ice-cream and cocktails – the after effects of which are seen well into the New Year.

So, in order for none of you to have “Get Beach Body Back” as a New Year’s resolution, I thought it would be good to share some ideas with you all.

  1. Summer = beach and braai’s. Beach is fine, braais can be tricky. If you have been invited to a braai, be a good guest and take along a snack. I am so aware of how grateful people are when you bring along a HEALTHY snack option instead of the usual chips and biltong. Why not opt for some fruit skewers, watermelon or popcorn instead?
  2. On the topic of a braai… We don’t have to eat a chop, a piece of chicken, a piece of sausage, a piece of steak, potato salad, a “braai broodjie”, a mielie and a 3 bean salad. Try and stick to a palm size of meat, a fist size of carbohydrates and top up on salads instead. Meat can rather be kept in the fridge for leftovers later in the week.
  3. Opt for fresh foods as often as possible - summer days are great for salads and fresh fruits! I like to cut up fruits when I buy them, and store them in the fridge so that they are readily available when it’s snack time (nobody enjoys cutting a pineapple when they are hungry, much less a watermelon).
  4. Just because you are not working, doesn’t mean your exercise routine also has to go on holiday. If you belong to a gym, book ahead for classes. If you don’t, make set exercise times with a friend or family member so you are held accountable.
  5. If you know you are going out with friends for dinner, ordering two starters instead of a main is a good way to control intake (and also allows for you to taste more than one menu item)! Most restaurants have their menu available online – why not decide what to have before you go out to avoid over eating?
  6. 6. Summer is also cocktail hour! Good alcohol alternatives include clear alcohols such as whiskey, gin or vodka with water, slimline tonic or soda water, and instead of lime, add fresh lemon. Another option is a white wine spritzer with soda water and ice.
  7. Don’t forget to rehydrate… I recently read it takes 3L of water to make 1L of bottled water. So, if possible, buy filtered water large scale and refill your bottle!   Until next time! Have a happy week!